I’d like some of that cake

Ms Foxy Fox, can you please make me one of those cakes? I’m not handy enough to do it myself (and you look cute in an apron).

On another note, a friend who works at a park in California sent me some advice on how to not be attacked by a mountain lion (a hazard in her work). Could prove useful one day- to quote Natalie (who I first met in Italy, but we’re both from Ohio!)

In the case that you should run into a mountain lion back there in Ohio- you are supposed to do three things. You shouldn’t run (b/c then you are acting like prey). You should hold your coat up and open above your head so that you look bigger than you really are. And you should talk to it in a very firm and demanding way- “HEY- YOU- GET AWAY FROM HERE OR I’M GOING TO EAT YOU UP.”

So there we are. Cue ‘the more you know’ rainbow and music.

On that note, ‘the more you know’ is a phrase I use often, and is lost on most of my non-American friends. It is a staple of American life, being a the tagline for ‘public service announcements’ which appear on tv, to teach people about all sort of things (health, environment, education, etc). It’s been around for decades. I think this spoof from ‘Scrubs’ will give you the idea.

<!–Unfortunately, I can’t get the video to appear hear for some reason, which is really annoying, and I’ve now stayed 20 minutes after work trying, so I’ll just put the link here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU3m4N9iOQI–>


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