Crap on film

According to Philonous I must now defend myself and my tastes. Why did I like Man on Wire?

In a bizare way, I do agree with P in many respects. I wouldn’t want to be friends with Phillipe Petit and his entourage. What annoyed me most was the fact that Philippe is so egocentric and self-absorbed when all the others (especially his former girlfriend) seem to have no life of their own, and devote their time to him. I couldn’t sympathise with any of them although I found it quite entertaining to see how they were trying to intellectualise funambulism – describing their friend’s act as beautiful, poetic art. All I saw was a man on a wire.

What I find fascinating is the marginality of it. Isn’t it a funny thing to set yourself the objective to walk on a wire set between the two highest towers on the planet? I think what made the film so interesting was the lack of common sense and vertigo of Philippe Petit. My perception is: rather than having something than no one has, he lacks something that everybody has. The idea of standing in the void entertained me for the whole length of the film. I strongly recommend that you see it….


One Response to “Crap on film”

  1. Philonous Says:

    Yeah. Just ’cause you’re French

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