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Beirut or Busk

Posted in culture, music with tags , on July 16, 2008 by Philonous

Following Skiffle and the Busker’s Art I found this video of Beirut on another edition of the culture show. (You may have noticed my small but perfectly formed obsession with this band through their featuring heavily in the Interesting Music posts.) Will they beat Mark Kermode and his Dodge brothers….? Watch to find out!

Skiffle and the Busker’s Art

Posted in culture, music with tags , on July 14, 2008 by Philonous

Check out the following clip from the BBC’s Culture Show. One regular segment of theirs takes major rock/pop stars and puts them on a street for 15 minutes to busk, the proceeds going to charity. A constellation of stars including Moby, Black Francis and Broken Social Scene have all taken part with varying degrees of success.

Mark Kermode, more usually known for rubbishing various films happens to be in a skiffle band – The Dodge Brothers. It seems that skiffle is summed up as somewhere between blues and rock’n’roll, using washboards rather than a drum kit (making it extremely portable). Apart from being one of my personal heroes, Dr Kermode (Manchester) happens also to be rather handy with a double bass and has the charisma to pull in the punters (and their cash). Marvellous.

Love song

Posted in music, New Zealand, TV with tags on June 18, 2008 by Philonous

The other day The Lodger and I were watching Flight of the Conchords:

Writer’s block and favourite poem

Posted in culture, music, poetry with tags , , on April 20, 2008 by Philonous

I thought it would be nice to post my favourite poem. It was composed by the German dada artist Kurt Schwitters. It is a love poem that doesn’t make sense (a translation is posted after the original):

o du, geliebte meiner siebenundzwanzig sinne, ich
liebe dir! – du deiner dich dir, ich dir, du mir. – wir?

das gehört (beiläufig) nicht hierher.
wer bist du, ungezähltes frauenzimmer? du bist
– bist du? – die leute sagen, du wärest – laß
sie sagen, sie wissen nicht, wie der kirchturm steht.
du trägst den hut auf deinen füßen und wanderst
auf die hände, auf den händen wanderst du.
hallo, deine roten kleider, in weiße falten zersägt.
rot liebe ich anna blume, rot liebe ich dir! – du
deiner dich dir, ich dir, du mir. – wir?
das gehördt (beiläufig) in die kalte glut.
rote blume, rote anna blume, wie sagen die leute?
1. anna blume hat ein vogel.
2. anna blume ist rot.
3. welche farbe hat der vogel?
blau ist die farbe deines gelben haares.
rot ist das girren deines grünen vogels.
du schlichtes mädchen im alltagskleid, du liebes
grünes tier, ich liebe dir! – du deiner dich dir, ich
dir, du mir – wir?
das gehört (beiläufig) in die glutenkiste.
anna blume! anna, a-n-n-a, ich träufle deinen
namen. dein name tropft wie weiches rindertalg.
weißt du es, anna, weißt du es schon?
man kann dich auch von hinten lesen, und du, du
herrlichste von allen, du bist von hinten wie
vorne: “a-n-n-a.”
rindertalg träufelt streicheln über meinen rücken.
anna blume, du tropfes tier, ich liebe dir!

(Kurt Schwitters, An Anna Blume)

This poem has also inspired the German hip-hop band Freundeskreis:


You, oh you, beloved of my twenty-seven senses, I love ya! –
You thine thou yours, I you, you me. – Us?

This (incidentally) does not belong here.
Who are you, countless woman? You are
– are you? – People
say you are – let

them say it, they don’t know where the steeple is.
You wear a hat on your feet and stand
on your hands, on your hands you walk.
Hello, your red clothes, sawed into white pleats.
Red I love, Anna Blume, red I love ya! – You
thine thou yours, I you, you me. – Us?
That (incidentally) belongs in the cold embers.
Red flower, red Anna Blume, what are people

Prize question: 1. Anna Blume has a bird.
2.Anna Blume is red.
3.What color is the bird?
Blue is the color of your yellow hair.
Red is the cooing of your green bird.
You plain girl in an everyday dress, you dear
green animal, I love ya! – You thine thou yours, I
you, you me – us?
That (incidentally) belongs in the ember box.
Anna Blume! Anna, a-n-n-a, I am dripping your
name. Your name drips like soft suet.
Do you know, Anna, do you know yet?
You can also be read from back to front, and you, you
most marvelous creature of them all, you are from the back
as you are from the front: »a-n-n-a.«
Suet drips caress my back.
Anna Blume, you droppy animal, I love ya!

I found this translation on Unfortunately the complex German grammar
which Kurt Schwitters plays with in this poem cannot be translated into English.


Posted in music, random with tags , on April 1, 2008 by Philonous

Johnny Cash famously covered Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails: it seems that a good song is good no matter what your personal take. Here, for your viewing pleasure are assembled a couple of my favourites.

They are:

  1. The Unforgiven – Iron Horse/Metallica
  2. Baby one more time – Travis/Britney Spears
  3. Holiday – Hayseed Dixie/Green Day
  4. Love will tear us apart – Susanna and the Magical Orchestra/Joy Division
  5. Satisfaction – Devo/The Rolling Stones
  6. Ain’t no Sunshine – Woven Hand/Bill Withers

Loop sampling

Posted in music, tech with tags on March 20, 2008 by Philonous

Over the past little while, I’ve noticed a couple of quite cool videos involving one person making a whole lot of live music using a loop sampler. Here are some examples…

This is a guy called Foy Vance on a BBC Northern Ireland music show.

Initially, I thought he had a drummer and some guitarist in the background – that is until I saw him sampling his voice.

This is a guy called Shlomo who’s a UK beatboxer performing on the BBC’s Glastonbury coverage. It’s amazing how quickly he builds up the layers of sound.

Somehow having this as a voicemail answer message doesn’t seem to do it justice…